Kennedy Advisors is a Triangle, NC based commercial real estate brokerage firm

Operating like management consultants and your advocate, We help Businesses:

  • Negotiate better agreements
  • Secure government incentives and
  • “Create opportunities where real estate promotes your goals, and adds vitality

Tenant Representation North Carolina

As Tenant Advocates, we have just one client - real estate users, not landlords. Absent a conflict of interest, we're better able to understand your needs, generate additional leverage and secure your greatest value. We're problem solvers in all aspects of leases, owned properties, and real estate you hope to control.

Are you making the best first impression?

  • Outdated, inefficient, too large or small
  • Challenging location
  • Unresponsive property manager
  • Paying too much or unexpected charges
  • Uncertain when to renegotiate

We’ll help you find, evaluate and negotiate your ideal space.

Kennedy Advisors Guarantee of Value

You’ll have no out-of-pocket costs for our brokerage services, and based on pre-set criterion, you’ll determine the percent of market-standard payments we’ll receive from building owners. We’re compensated based on your perception of the value we’ve provided, and any remaining funds are applied towards free rent or other landlord concessions.

Your Satisfaction is the measure of our success!

Our compensation is controlled by our clients. Landlords typically pay tenant representative commissions from an amount otherwise budgeted for their broker, so as a transaction closes, tenant reps are paid a fixed percentage without considering their contribution or relative value for the tenant. We believe this is imprudent, so Kennedy Advisors asks our clients to score our performance and that percentage will apply to how much of the commission the landlord offers can be accepted. This client controlled compensation is accomplished by early establishment of key objectives, and upon agreement on key terms for a property, measurement of our performance against those criterion. If 90%, the remaining 10% would be applied towards free rent or other landlord concessions.

We truly work for you!

Your tenant rep services are uniquely broad in my experience. Also, your total focus on our needs versus yours is obvious when you recommended some options that do not pay you a commission.
Mike Brown, Partner, Code Refinery, LLC.

Kennedy Advisors Tenant Rep Deliverables

We provide users of office, flex, industrial space or land the information needed to make better decisions. This data-driven emphasis incorporates:

  1. Thorough and Objective Property Searches: Our searches reveal not merely properties that "fit", but also the apparent pros and cons of buildings, landlords, rent structures and concessions - and properties judged unsuitable.
  2. Tour and Meeting Management: We coordinate or participate to:
    • Inspect properties with Leasing Agents, Landlords or infrastructure specialists
    • Develop space planning & review
    • Communicate with landlords & attorneys
    • Tour space during construction with you and Project Managers
  3. Due Diligence: We thoroughly investigate any questionable aspects of short listed properties. That can include issues ranging from deferred maintenance to parking suitability.
  4. Lease Scrutiny and Negotiations: Clients recognize our ability to forecast related costs and our thorough lease review and negotiation process - with attention to the full life cycle, risk management, flexibility and exit strategies.
  5. Final Lease Abstract: We'll prepare a simple abstract of the fully executed lease, listing all salient dates, sizes, Options, Rights and important action items.
  6. Ongoing Support: Throughout the lease term we'll remain available for any issues with the landlords or space.

Your approach is far superior to what I'd experienced with other brokers
John McKenney - CEO SEC Associates

Client Testimonials Tenant Rep. News

Economic Development Incentive Procurement

We help identify and secure maximum support from city, county and state governments for relocations, expansions or investments . . . surpassing $185,000,000 for our clients to date. These incentives included loans, guarantees, sale leaseback's, grants, and tax forgiveness.

Examples Include

  • $4.3 million to retain a family entertainment venue within NC
  • $900,000 for 50 new jobs following a $3 million R&D investment
  • $6 million for a new 300 employee customer service center in Texas

We succeed by broadly advocating the economic benefits our clients provide, with the goal of identifying useful statutes or developing support for our clients. Unlike lobbyists who work to create favorable legislation, new statutes, or unprecedented allocation of new funds, we succeed by working to identify existing statutes that can be applied to the benefit of our clients. On occasion, we also work with lawmakers or economic development advocates to establish a new interpretation of existing statutes that can be adapted to broader use for the benefit of clients. It’s important to identify advocates from the local political field, as a well-connected political advocate really streamlines the process, and in many cases is the only possibility of success in a reasonable timeframe.

Typically we can secure incentives if a client is moving across state lines with 50 jobs or planning an expansion in-place where 50 jobs will be added over three years. Alternatively, a planned investment of $5 million or more in real estate or machinery and equipment is often sufficient. We’ve also enhanced packages other resources had initiated.

You tripled the incentive package we had already negotiated
Confidential Pharmaceutical client

Client Testimonials Related News

National Site Selection

Kennedy Advisors has provided site selection services in 20 states, including customer service centers, renewable energy facilities manufacturing plants, headquarter offices and distribution centers.

All have also involved securing Economic Development Incentives. The overall scope of these services are customized to the clients situation, though recurring elements include: workforce labor cost, profile and availability, local and state tax laws, locations of competitors, training and permitting, real estate availability and cost, infrastructure issues and transportation access.

Kennedy Advisors has been unrelenting in their on line research, phone calls and driving searches to find us suitable land or buildings. Orbit Energy's site specifications are quite unique and among the more difficult to meet, but they always come up with something workable.

Client Testimonials Related News